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Feel at Home

We have a lot going for us living in the Gogebic Range, like our affordable housing, quaint neighborhoods, funky downtowns and our ability to walk just about anywhere.

Our public schools are excellent, with over 90% of our students graduating and going onto higher education. Our college is fantastic. Its modern campus is bustling with activity. Located on beautiful Mt. Zion, the college offers a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

Oh, and very little traffic. And the fact that it’s a great place to raise a family. And our state of the art hospital and commercial airport. And our historic theatres, play houses and art shops. And our sense of community.

Especially our sense of community.

Looking to live “the good life?”

The Gogebic Range is definitely the place!  Here you will find all four seasons, unspoiled natural landscapes, affordable housing, outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities winter & summer, and rich artistic and cultural offerings.

Our public schools and Gogebic Community College (GCC) offer educational excellence, with programs that effectively meet the needs of all students.  Located at the foot of scenic Mt. Zion, GCC serves students from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and even further afield.  From Ski Management and Welding, through Information Technology and Criminal Justice, GCC boasts an excellent learning environment along with a dedicated and friendly staff.

Tired of living with a six-lane daily commute?  Traffic jams?   You will not find that here on the Range!   This is truly a great place to live, work, raise a family, or enjoy truly unique retirement living.  From home-owned businesses, the Historic Ironwood Theatre, artist studios, to a first-class hospital/medical campus in Aspirus Grand View, hiking trails, ATV trails, the Gogebic Range is definitely THE place to live life to the fullest!

A sampling of our denominations.

Jehova’s Witness
Seventh Day Adventist
Eastern Orthodox
And other non-denominational choices

Lots of young people have already moved here from someplace else. They moved here mostly for our scenic beauty, our quality of life and our adventure sports.

If you move here for some of the same reasons, you’ll find plenty of company.

Many moved here without knowing another soul. But our many social networking opportunities made them feel at home. You’ll feel at home, too.

Networking Organization

The Gogebic-Iron Range has an organization called Go-In Forward that caters to those between the ages of 21 and 40 and those young at heart. Their mission is “Supporting our area’s next generation through social-networking, education, and community involvement.”

The group holds regular social events, outdoor activities and reading groups throughout the year.  More details can be found on their Facebook page.

Is that a fact?

Many young people have already moved here, seeking an adventure lifestyle – or just a great place to live. You’ll have no problem finding people with common interests.

We have dozens and dozens of sports, adventure, activity and social clubs, teams and associations.

And plenty of churches to choose from.

That’s a fact, too.

A sampling of our community events and festivals.

Iron County Heritage Festival
Festival Ironwood
Mercer Loon Day
Bessemer Pumpkinfest
Pumpkin Run ATV Rally
4th of July Celebrations
Memorial Weekend ATV Rally
Festival Italiano
Lupine Junefest
Jack Frost Festival of Lights Parade
Iron and Gogebic County Fairs
Lake Superior Renaissance Faire
North Country 100 Bike Tour
Go Ride ‘R Range Ride (GRRRR)
Lake Gogebic Tour Da Lake

A sampling of our historic sites.

Plummer Mine
Springstead Historic District
Depot Museum
Keystone Bridge
Historic Mercer Depot
Little Finland
Plymouth Open Pit Mine
Montreal Historic Community
Ironwood Theatre
Gogebic County Court House
Wakefield Museum
Carnegie Library
Ironwood Memorial Building
Ironwood Depot Museum
Mercer Historical Society
Old Iron County Courthouse
Besemer City Hall

A sampling of our clubs and organizations.

Ironwood Dance Company
White Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club
Mercer Sno-Goers Snowmobile Club
Easy Striders Running Club
Polar Bear Hockey
Gogebic Range Trail Authority
MECCA Ski Club
Range Master Gardeners
Friends of the Carnegie Library
Hurley’s Farmers Market
Iron Nordic Ski Team
Little League
Range Strikers Soccer
Pop Warner Football
Ice Crystals Ice Skating
SISU Dirt Crew
4-H Clubs
Kiwanis Club
Rotary Club
Lions and Lionness Clubs
American Legion
Superior Shooting Club