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South Africa with Dick & Wendy Thiede – An “Armchair Travel” Event

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Reuniting with a college roommate after 55 years provides the warp and woof for Dick & Wendy Thiede’s three-week immersion in the country of South Africa. Join them for an “Armchair Travel” through South Africa on Tuesday, March 26th at the Mercer Public Library.


From north to south, from Limpopo to Cape Town, weaving back and forth along the East side of the country we see vibrant modern cities and Wisconsin-like little towns, spectacular geology, and wondrous natural environments with thrilling animal encounters. We meet and interact with people of British, Dutch, Zulu, Thembu and San descent. Woven into this tapestry is a history, not unlike ours – colonization, civil war, slavery and a modern struggle to come to truth and reconciliation. Please join us to see our photos and to share some of our insights.


The program is free and open to all, and light refreshments will be served. For more information, call the library at 715-476-2366.